System for Teacher Evaluation of Professional Practice (STEPPs)
“...supports, guides, and fosters professional growth...”
STEPPs has set the framework for fostering reflective practitioners and a professional learning community among educators.
IEO provides the System for Teacher Evaluation of Professional Practice (STEPPs), a comprehensive system for evaluating teacher performance. STEPPs is a continuous quality improvement process that supports, guides, and fosters professional growth as intended by our mission. It is used to improve instruction, raise awareness of professional practice, and ultimately promote both student performance and the quality of education.

The value of the STEPPs lies in the formative and summative methods it uses to evaluate and improve professional performance. The system is based on a set of established performance standards and indicators that:
  • Map onto a broad and comprehensive account of teachers’ duties
  • Involve all stakeholders; administrators, teachers, students, and parents at all levels
  • Draw on a variety of data sources to provide an accurate portrait of teacher performance
  • We support schools in introducing the STEPPs
  • We train school leadership, coordinators and teachers in how to use and implement the STEPPs
  • We provide strategies to schools on how to benefit from STEPPs as a tool to:
    •   Promote teacher evaluation as a self-reflective and collaborative practice
    •   Provide continuous feedback to improve individual teacher performance
    •   Evaluate school-wide teacher performance
Case Study
STEPPs was successfully used with hundreds of teachers allowing them to improve their practice. It has provided a fair and standardized system for identifying exceptional performance and has been central in ensuring quality control and improvement at a school-wide level.

Professional Development

“ ongoing process...”
IEO provides professional development and training to hundreds of school personnel annually.
Professional development is essential for any K-12 school aspiring to excel in the services it provides. IEO provides a multitude of workshops that address the needs of both academic and administrative school personnel. Workshops and training sessions are offered based on requirements identified by the school management team or from the results of a school evaluation conducted by IEO experts.
We provide professional development that is designed to meet the needs of your staff:
  • We visit your school to discuss and assess your development needs
  • We design and implement a customized plan to meet your requirements and achieve your objectives
  • We continue to provide your school with the support and guidance it needs throughout the year
We provide professional development in areas that emphasize the science of learning and the art of teaching. These are some of the topics we cover:
  • Classroom Management
  • Differentiating Instruction
  • Critical Thinking
  • Behavior Modification
  • Information Technology for Educators
  • Creating the Interactive Classroom
The skills required by academic and non-academic personnel extend beyond topics related to teaching and learning to include such areas as: Customer Handling, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, Motivation, and Team Building.
Case Study
IEO provides professional development and training to hundreds of school personnel annually. Schools that work with IEO benefit from the wide variety of topics, professionalism and availability of IEO staff.

Mentorship Program
        and tacit knowledge...”
The program duration and degree of intervention vary according to each teacher's specific needs.
Mentorship is one of the most effective ways to acquire the explicit and implicit knowledge and skills involved in teaching. IEO provides expert-apprentice opportunities that focus on the professional growth of individual teachers. The program duration and degree of intervention vary according to each teacher's specific needs.
This collaborative process between the mentor and the teacher involves:
  • An initial evaluation based on the standards of the System for Teacher Evaluation of Professional Practice (STEPPs)
  • An improvement plan that sets the goals to be accomplished within a specific time frame
  • A period of continuous reflection and collaboration between the mentor and the trainee
  • Periodic observations and assessments that allow the mentors to evaluate the trainee’s progress

“...creating a learning
The symposium is a success and its attendance has been growing steadily over the years.
IEO launched its Annual International Education Symposium in the United Arab Emirates in 2009, bringing together international, regional and local experts to discuss topics that are of great significance to K-12 school professionals. The symposium’s success and its attendance has been growing steadily ever since.
We create a venue that:
  • Exposes educators to new developments in educational research
  • Presents the pressing global issues that may reflect on the process of teaching and learning, from globalization and cultural awareness to an understanding of the physiological processes of the human brain
  • Allows the audience to meet scholars and world-renowned educators in a collegial and exciting atmosphere
Case Study
The Third Annual International Education Symposium 2011

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